World Health Day on 07 April: Together with Natch for a healthier world!

Let’s raise awareness and take action together! In 2024, World Health Day once again has a clear message: "Together we unite for a healthier world". Since the World Health Organisation (WHO) was founded in 1948, this day has been celebrated once a year to emphasize and promote the importance of health for all people.

Our world is currently facing huge challenges -  pandemics like Covid-19, fighting diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or tackling inequalities in the healthcare system affect everyone, no matter in which country.

We at Natch are convinced that this year's message is an important signal to raise everyone's awareness for sustainable and long-lasting healthcare.

Healthcare for everyone!

According to the WHO, disease prevention and healthcare are essential for a healthy future for our world. Despite much progress, around one billion people worldwide have no access to adequate and affordable healthcare. This particularly affects poor and disadvantaged population groups.

New data from before the pandemic (2019) shows alarming trends. Many countries have significant gaps in healthcare provision for its population: for example, only 23 out of 40 countries state that they can provide healthcare to more than 99% of their population. 

Germany is regarded as a country with an excellent healthcare system. Although the first places are occupied by Nordic countries, Germany is in 9th place in the global ranking in 2021. 

We can take action ourselves!

Each of us can actively do something for our own health and that of our fellow human beings every day! We are proud that with our toothpaste tabs we are helping to make the world a healthier and more environmentally friendly place.

Natch Tabs promote our oral health, and this plays an important role for the whole body! Our oral microbiome serves as the mouth's immune system, it can both strengthen and weaken the organism, and it has a direct impact on the body and gut microbiome. The natural oral environment should therefore be strengthened as much as possible with healthy substances. 

And that's exactly where Natch comes in! 

Our tabs contain only natural ingredients that care for, strengthen and support your whole body, and there are no comparable toothpaste tabs that score points with this high-quality, health-orientated and climate-friendly overall concept like Natch. 

What's more, our four tab variants taste delicious and lather perfectly!

Take big steps forward!

We are in an age in which we should pay more attention to our health, scrutinize our consumption , knowing sustainability plays a major role in our lives. This is how you can take action every day, step by step:

  • Tell your friends and family about Natch and its health benefits.
  • Health and sustainability starts with natural ingredients: Use products that have not been tested on animals and are vegan. 
  • Eat a health-orientated and sustainable diet, e.g. vegan or vegetarian.
  • Help the environment and reduce water wherever you can: when showering, washing your hands... (you can use Natch Tabs without water, by the way)
  • Plan your trips sustainably - in terms of  suitcase contents, journey, hotel choice, region.

Perhaps you could use today's World Health Day to talk to your friends and family about the topic of health, and develop ideas together? We look forward to an exciting exchange in our Natch community!

Yours, Norbert and Heber