Exclusive interview: Natch talks to Prof Dr Hasinski aka the Easter Bunny about health and sustainability

He is traveling all year round, and right now, just before Easter, he hardly has a free minute: the busy Easter Bunny is not really available for interviews. We at Natch were able to persuade him to talk to us. Have fun reading!

Natch: Hello, dear Easter Bunny! Thank you for taking the time for this interview! We would like to talk to you about health and sustainability at Easter. How do you actually keep fit for this important event?

Easter Bunny: I have to take great care of my health all year round. The egg distribution is very strenuous and I need a fit body! I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water and exercise every day by jumping and running, whatever the weather. And of course I have to take great care of my teeth, as you know, they are huge and need good care!

Natch: How do you look after your big teeth?

Easter Bunny: I have to admit that in recent years I have mainly strengthened my teeth by chewing carrots, and then I also used conventional toothpaste several times a day. With my huge teeth, I used a lot of toothpaste - I ran out almost every week! And I didn't really feel comfortable with it, partly because of the environment and my health. All that plastic and all those synthetic ingredients! Last year I started looking for a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative, and suddenly I came across Natch!

Natch: How did you come across Natch?

Easter Bunny: Unbelievable, but true: we had a European Easter Bunny meeting, which takes place once a year, in a different country each year. Last year it was Italy, and my Italian colleague had the Natch minis with him. I saw the pretty little bottles and at first thought: "Mmhhh, those must be sweets in great packaging. But then he told me that they were super healthy and delicious dental care tabs. I could hardly believe it! Natch is available in many pharmacies in Italy, my colleague had picked up his travel set from the pharmacy and Natch was there. He immediately told me that Natch is of course available in many pharmacies in Germany, as well as from dentists, numerous shops and online, because Natch comes from Germany. I found that so exciting!

Natch: And did you try the tabs straight away?

Easter Bunny: Yes! And I was thrilled! I chewed and brushed straight away and this delicious foam quickly formed, which immediately took care of my teeth. My big teeth felt like they had just been cleaned. I then read all about Natch and knew immediately: from now on I will only let Natch touch my teeth! After all, Natch only consists of healthy and natural ingredients, I don't have to use any water and therefore save resources, no plastic is used and there are practical sizes in different environmentally friendly variants.

What's particularly great is that I want to carry as little luggage as possible when I'm travelling, so the Natch minis are perfect for me! Totally practical! No matter where I am, I can easily brush my teeth at any time, without water, without effort. And I can just spit the foam into the grass, it's nature... The minis are also available as a "Smile High Club" Easter gift. 



Natch: Do you have a favourite tab?

Easter bunny: My personal favourite is the Screaming Polar Bear because it's so refreshing. But I like all four flavours - I actually change every day because they are all delicious! My family and relatives are now also delighted. They often say: "Have you eaten today?" 


Natch: Lots of sweets are eaten at Easter in particular. Do you have any tips you would like to pass on to our readers?


Easter Bunny: If you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water, there's nothing wrong with eating Easter eggs and more! Chocolate and other sweet treats are simply good for the soul, especially in stressful times. Easter is a family celebration, I'm always so happy to see the children's eyes light up when they find my egg nests - you should definitely enjoy this time! And afterwards, you can do something good for your teeth and the environment by caring for them with Natch. I know what I'm talking about, Natch has really revolutionised my dental care! 

Natch: Thank you very much for the interview, dear Easter Bunny!