Toothpaste Yesterday
•• Harsh chemicals
•• Fluoride
•• SLS
•• Artificial Sweeteners
•• Synthetic Coloring
•• Made with Water
•• Plastic Tube
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Toothpaste Today
•• Natural Ingredients
•• Calcium Hydroxyapatite
•• Soap Bark Tree
•• Plant Based Sweeteners
•• No Artificial Colouring
•• Waterless
•• Plastic Free
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20B plastic toothpaste tubes pollute our planet.
Problems of Oral Care Packaging

Globally we produce around 20B Toothpaste tubes per year. Enough plastic tubes to wrap  the globe 133x. The US, UK, and DE alone accounted for 1.7B tubes most of which end up in our rivers, oceans or landfills. It takes circa 500 years for a single toothpaste tube to biodegrade.

Add another 3.5B toothbrushes that are sold every year along with their plastic accessories to the yearly waste. It is clear that something has to change.

Harsh ingredients in regular toothpaste.
Problems of Toothpaste

Most people don’t realize that most of the toothpaste brands use questionable chemicals to foam, to remineralize, to clean, to stabilize, for the texture, and to increase the shelf life. 

We call them the 7 sins of toothpaste. 

The average adult inadvertently swallows 3-5% and children up to 30% of their toothpaste with every brush.

Reusable, pharmacy style glass bottles, paper bag refills.
The Natch Solution

Full eco-friendly solution:

••  Fully plastic-free 

••  Premium reusable amber glass bottles

••  Aluminum lid with cardboard liner

••  Recycled paper shipping box

•• Eco-friendly refill paper bags

••  Member of der Grüne Punkt to track & offset our waste

••  Reusable toothbrushes (coming)

••   Labelless bottles (coming) to further reduce waste

Organic, healthy, and yummy toothpaste in a tab.

We didn’t invent toothpaste tablets, but we did make them healthier, cleaner, and tastier.

••   Natural, vegan & food grade ingredients

••   Waterless production

••   Effective plant power

••   Lab certified

••   Fortified with calcium hydroxyapatite (HAp), a biocompatible fluoride alternative

We like to think: Like Toothpaste, but better;)