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Due to the overwhelming volume of orders after our appearance on the show "Die Höhle der Löwen", there are unfortunately delays. Please allow 1-2 weeks of processing and delivery time for orders of bottles & toothbrushes, and 2-3 weeks for orders with refill bags. Thank you for your understanding.

sadly we are all out of our refill bags :(

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Day & Night Refill Set
Day & Night Refill Set
Day & Night Refill Set
Day & Night Refill Set

Day & Night Refill Set

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The perfect solution for your day & night teeth brushing routine. Start your day with a super fresh breath, nurtured by our natural organic mint. End your day with a relaxing mouth detox, thanks to our active charcoal made from coconut, and many other powerful ingredients from Mother Nature. A Refill Bag = 62 tabs & replaces approx. 1.2 plastic toothpaste tubes.

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