Bamboo Toothbrushes

Premium Moso bamboo. 100% biodegradable handle. Rounded soft bristle tops for optimal & safe cleaning.

Start your day with a sustainable and healthy oral care routine by using our Premium Natch Bamboo Toothbrushes. Choose one of four colors (blue, black, yellow, or green) and up your green oral care game.

Stop Supporting This

We offer a healthy and sustainable alternative! Read below.

Image sourced from NOAA Marine Debris Program

Our Brushes are made from moso bamboo

100% biodegradable and sustainably-grown

Unique Design
Stand alone Toothbrush

No more messy toothbrush marks.

Plus rounded bristle tops with a straight cut for optimal & safe cleaning.

Make it personal
Four Colors

Toothbrushes as individual as you.

For a Healthy You
We use premium quality natural and organic ingredients most of which are classified as food grade.

•• All-Natural
•• Fluoride-Free, fortified with calcium hydroxyapatite (HAp)
•• Powerful Effective Ingredients
•• No Harsh Chemicals
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For a Healthy Planet
We only have one planet and believe that it’s everyone's job to keep it clean, beautiful, and healthy.

•• Plastic-Free
•• Waterless Production
•• Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
•• Recyclable Packaging
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