World Earth Day 24: Planet vs. plastic

Natch shows you how you can make the world a better place every day!

Water is life. Water is life - and without water, no life is possible! Because only if this indispensable lifeline is clean can humans, animals and nature exist. So far, so clear!

In 2024, the motto of the annual World Earth Day is "Planet vs. plastic". The aim is to draw attention to the increasing pollution of the oceans by plastic, while at the same time encouraging consumers to play an active role in protecting the oceans. 

Earth Day, which was launched by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, first took place in 1970 and was intended to raise awareness of nature and the environment even back then.

And that was and is urgently needed.

Natch is the planet's best friend!

Around 75% of all marine litter now consists of plastics (hard plastics and microplastics), which in figures means between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes end up in the oceans every year. In the Mediterranean alone, for example, around 83,000 rubbish containers full of plastic are dumped into the water every year. Did you know that plastic can last up to 200-600 years in the sea? Although some of the rubbish is weathered by the sun, once it has sunk into the deep sea, it remains there for many years. According to NABU, a plastic bag takes 200 years to decompose, a drinks can 200 years and a plastic bottle around 450 years. A fishing line remains in the sea for up to 600 years. This plastic waste poses a serious threat to nature. The pollution is immense and tens of thousands of animals fall victim to these mountains of rubbish every year.

At Natch, we are committed to sustainability to improve life while protecting our planet as a daily routine!
Our holistic concept is 100% focussed on climate and resource protection as well as biodiversity. There are no aggressive or environmentally harmful ingredients in our tabs, they are 100% free of microplastics (certified by the "flustix" label) and they can be used without water.

Change your everyday life with the Natch power of three:
We call our philosophy the "Natch triad": enjoyment, health, sustainability. With Natch, you can change your daily dental care routine in a pioneering way. You don't need water when brushing your teeth, because you create the delicious foam in your mouth yourself and get a great cleaning result. And you don't create any plastic waste! We only use natural ingredients and our packaging is completely plastic-free. The tabs are 100% vegan (PETA certified) and naturally cruelty-free. We want to inspire you to think about your oral care and keep your body healthy at the same time.

Mother Nature tastes so delicious. And Mother Nature loves Natch!

Small tips for everyday life

Save water: Never leave the tap running without reason and use rainwater to water your plants. Brush your teeth with Natch, you don't need water for this.

Check cleaning products: Only use hygiene and cleaning products that do not contain microplastics and use it in messure. There are numerous plant-based products that do not harm the water cycle or nature, try them out!

Shop regionally: Buy products from your earea that don't have long journeys or extensive irrigation systems. Products from controlled organic cultivation are good for the soil and your body. Eat a meat-free diet - meat production consumes vast amounts of water and pollutes the soil.

Environmentally friendly clothing: look for labels that produce sustainable and fair products. Don't be part of "fast fashion", but wear your favorite pieces for a long time. Give clothes to second-hand stores or give them away to people in need. The aim is not to throw anything away, but to reuse everything.

Our Earth Day packages

Sharing is Oral Caring! Share your Natch tabs with family and friends! Our Earth Day campaign: If you order Natch now, we will give you a Natch bottle of your choice, which you can then pass on. The more people learn about our mission, the more our planet will be actively protected. You are part of a new movement - so we can all give impetus every day to change the oral care industry!

With our tabs, we want to inspire positive thought-provoking impulses that have an impact on your entire everyday life. We are addressing all people who value environmental protection and sustainability.

Let's celebrate and care for earth together!

As always, we look forward to a lively exchange and are eager to hear about your experiences on World Earth Day.

Yours, Norbert & Heber