Mother's Day 2024: Only the best from Mother Nature.

Cheers to Mother's Day! Since 1923, we have traditionally celebrated ‘Mothers’ Day’ every second Sunday in May - which, by the way, is not an invention of the flower or advertising industry. This day of honor for mothers has its origins way back in ancient times. For example, the ancient Greeks honored Rhea, the goddess of the earth and fertility, at their spring festivals. In the Middle Ages, Mothering Day was also traditionally celebrated in Great Britain and dedicated to ‘Mother Church’. 

Why do we celebrate this day?

The day has its origins in 1858 in the early American women's movement through the pastor's wife Ann Maria Jarvis. It originally comes from Grafton/USA. Ann Maria Jarvis' daughter lived there. On the second anniversary of her mother's death, she held a memorial service for her mother on the second Sunday in May 1907. This was known as the ‘Memorial Mother's Day Meeting’, at which flowers were distributed to other mothers outside the church. This day was repeated with a service the following year and was so popular that it conquered the USA. It then came to Germany in 1923 and has been celebrated as a non-official holiday ever since.

Me-Time in connection with Mother Nature

Dear mums! Today is your day to glow, relax and soak up all the love and appreciation you deserve. Treat yourself to a relaxing me-time with lots of self-care, health care and beautiful moments. Wellness for the teeth is also wellness for the soul - you can feel it immediately when you use the tabs. Our unique natural ingredients have a gentle effect, protect and turn brushing your teeth into a pleasurable time-out. A direct connection to Mother Nature!

Incidentally, our Natch minis are the perfect traveling companions when you're taking time out. Use the healthy ingredients of Mother Nature, no matter where you are. You can brush your teeth without water and actively do something for your health. By the way, for Mother's Day, you will receive a mini bottle as a gift when you buy a Natch bottle of your choice!

Honor Mother Nature with Natch

As we honor and pamper our mothers on Mother's Day, we should also pause for a moment to thank Mother Nature and commit to protecting her. With our tabs, you're on the right track! You clean without water, create no plastic waste and support your health and the environment by using only natural ingredients.

Our “Natch triad” - enjoyment, health, sustainability - accompanies you everywhere and honors Mother Nature at the same time.

Design your special day! Here are our little tips:

Digital detox: take a break from networks, screens & co. Relax your mind and take several hours just for yourself, without digital distractions.

Time in nature: Spend time outdoors to recharge your batteries. Sometimes just finding a quiet spot in the park around the corner is enough to feel the beauty and energy of nature.

Health: Think about your health and write down what is particularly good for you so that you can always remember it. With Natch by your side, you are perfectly equipped to support your body.

Soul food: let your loved ones cook you a delicious meal or go out to eat where you're guaranteed to find something you couldn't prepare yourself.

Food for your soul!

We at Natch wish all mothers a great, positive and enjoyable day, celebrate!

Perhaps you would like to send us your special Mother's Day experiences?

As always, we look forward to a lively exchange!

Your Norbert and Heber