World Health Day on 07 April: Our planet, our health!

A clear statement: For World Health Day 2022, WHO is drawing everyone's attention to the connection between climate change and health, with emphasis.  "Our planet, our health" - this is this year's motto.

This is exactly what we at Natch are deeply convinced of. Because: let's protect the earth, let's protect our health!

Weltgesundheitstag 2022

Natch uses the natural forces of the earth and revolutionizes the world of tooth cleaning - sustainable and healthy, without harmful ingredients or manufacturing methods.

According to WHO, the climate crisis is the biggest health threat to our humanity. This is because WHO estimates that more than 13 million deaths in the world each year are due to preventable environmental causes. 

Climate change, sustainability, health - all these terms need to be more in the focus of the world public!

And these are exactly the issues that have been on our minds 100% since natch was founded. They are our driving force! Our vision of a sustainable environment and effective healthcare is exactly what the WHO wants to establish in people's minds with this year's World Health Day.

The climate crisis is also a health crisis - this is the WHO's insight, calling for direct action.

Our quality of life, our lifestyle, all this is closely linked to the protection of our earth, the climate and our health. 

Let us all fight and stand up for this together!

We can only meet this huge challenge together - we are convinced that everyone can do their part:


- Buy your goods unpackaged - that works in almost every supermarket by now.

- Sustainability also starts with ingredients: use products that have not been tested on animals and are vegan. 

- Reduce water wherever you can: when showering, washing your hands...(by the way, you can use Natch tabs without water).

- Ditch the car, ride your bike or use car sharing.

- Plan your travels sustainably - in arrival, hotel choice, region.


We are proud to contribute to making our world a little better with natch toothpaste tabs. Our Natch tabs are produced without water, they are vegan, animal-tested - and of course plastic-free! 

We are in an age where we are questioning our consumption and sustainability is finally playing a big role. And where could you make a bigger impact than with products we use at least once a day? 

Have you perhaps also developed an exciting project, do you want to change the world a little with your ideas? Then write to us at

We are looking forward to feedback, exciting exchange and a sustainable community !


 Norbert and Heber