Natch was once again a partner of the Green Actors Lounge!

Renowned film industry platform focuses on sustainability and fair cooperation

What an inspiring day! Rarely do we meet so many lovely and exciting people who are working together for a better future for our planet. 

The annual industry event "Green Actors Lounge" focuses on sustainable lifestyle, fair cooperation, diversity and green film production. 

Numerous celebrities such as Hardy Krüger, Ursula Karven, Jasna Fritzi Bauer and Adele Neuhauser took part in panels and workshops, while some had Actors Talk on stage. Celebrity ambassadors for the fourth year included Oliver Berben, Tanja Ziegler, Andrea Gerhard, Luise Befort, Samuel Koch and Annabelle Mandeng.

Sustainable planning and implementation

The entire planning, conception and implementation of the Green Actors Lounge this year was carried out according to the criteria of the "Sustainable Meetings Berlin" program, which since 2024 has taken into account the interests of the four sustainability pillars - ecology, economy, social affairs and GRC (Governance, Right & Compliance). 

Many new Natch fans!

Natch was right in the middle of the action! As a partner of the Green Actors Lounge, we were able to present our tabs to the participants for the third time: Dedicated celebrities, filmmakers from all areas, innovative entrepreneurs and interested guests enthusiastically brushed their teeth with us.

"I had fun brushing my teeth for the first time, crazy!"
"Brushing your teeth is suddenly like professional teeth cleaning!"
"Toothpaste couldn't be more sustainable!"
"Finally a toothpaste that you can swallow!"
"It foams so well, so great. It just feels clean!"

...were just some of the enthusiastic comments.

We were able to hand out hundreds of toothbrushes and countless tabs to new and old Natch fans, who tried, brushed and praised our toothpaste tabs - so exciting!

But see for yourself!


We are delighted that so many people are now enthusiastic about healthy oral hygiene - our community is growing every day.

We all know that your health starts in your mouth!

Change the world one tab at a time.

Yours ,

Norbert and Heber