Natch is ready to take off, are you?


We are relieved that the tourism and travel industry is beginning to come back to life and we just wanted to provide you with a few tips to make your upcoming travel planning as safe, efficient, and fun as our toothpaste tabs.  


Safety is on everyone’s mind these days, and we believe that good hygiene practices should not only include washing your hands and maintaining distance. We believe in a holistic approach that encompasses your oral care as well. 


To combat the build-up of bad bacteria Natch •• Natural Toothpaste Tablets have 

  • Diatomaceous Earth, which is known to have a negative charge, meaning that it attracts, absorbs, and traps bacteria. 
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil’s natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal ingredient to help kill bacteria and freshen your breath at the same time.
  • Oak bark’s superpower comes from its high tannins, antibacterial, antiseptic, and astringent properties making it an ideal ally for overall health.


No one wants to be lugging around a huge suitcase, so when you are packing consider the items that you will need. 

  • Try to pack clothing that can be worn in layers, but make sure they are weather appropriate. 
  • Reducing the liquids that you carry will make your time at the security check much faster! 
  • If you want to make others think you are a travel genius, pack waterless products like your Natch toothpaste for a hassle-free security check and guaranteed no messy paste spill in your bag!


Take time for yourself! Turn off your phone and really enjoy your holiday. The last year and a half have been stressful, you deserve to take a break! Whether you’re finally getting to spend time with loved ones or making a solo backpacking trip, don’t forget to take a photo of your Natch bottle on holiday, we would love to see it! And tag @natchlabs