International Polar Bear Day - Support it with Natch!

Majestic, beautiful, powerful: polar bears are mighty inhabitants of the Arctic, but they also symbolise the fight against climate change and environmental destruction. Their numbers are currently shrinking dramatically, and the increase of ice being melted is drastically reducing their habitat year to year. Researchers currently estimate a total population of around 22,000 to 31,000 animals.

In an article in the Canadian journal "Nature Climate Change" (source: WWF), they estimate that the animals will die out completely within the next 80 years. As a result of global warming, the ice-free period is already lengthening, which is massively changing the habitat - and leading to hunger, disease and a lower number of offspring among the polar bears. 

What does this mean for us? 

The Arctic plays a crucial role in the global climate system of the entire world. The ice in the sea acts as a climate regulator by exchanging heat and moisture between the ocean and the atmosphere, and controlling ocean currents, which influences the climate worldwide.

Now the earth is warming faster than ever: Within the last 100 years, the average annual temperature there has risen by five degrees Celsius. The sea ice is demonstrably disappearing.

If the Arctic melts, this not only causes sea levels to rise, but can also affect ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream and ecosystems, for example in the North Sea. 

This is why "International Polar Bear Day" has been celebrated annually on 27 February since 2004. The day reminds us that we all have a responsibility to protect the Arctic, its unique inhabitants and the entire world.

What does this have to do with Natch? 

Our holistic concept is 100% focussed on climate and resource protection as well as biodiversity. 

This means that when you use Natch tabs, you are actively helping our planet and, indirectly, the polar bears!

We have deliberately given all four products a name with a message. They are intended to encourage you to think and act, and all four are representative of the current issues of our time.

Our product's name say it all!

The Screaming Polar Bear tabs are not only polar fresh in flavour - they also stand for the protection of our environment. The polar bear is crying out for help. 

Be active, every step counts!

So Black, So White: For diversity - For naturally brighter teeth.

Dr Shaman: For the use of traditional, herbal healing power - For sensitive teeth.

Wake-up Call: Wake up! and shape the future sustainably - For an energizing effect.

By using Natch, you support your health while reducing plastic waste, conserving resources and minimizing water pollution. 

Our concept is more relevant than ever! Change the world one tab at a time!

Feel free to write to us if you have any further questions about the concept or the effect of our tabs - we look forward to a lively exchange!

Yours, Norbert and Heber