We Stand with the Ukraine

In light of the recent events in Ukraine, our brand philosophy of uniting people and inspiring them to live sustainably takes on particular traction. For us, sustainability means not only health and environmental awareness, but also being conscious and caring towards our fellow human beings. This mission is deeply rooted in our hearts and actions and obliges us to stand by the refugees from Ukraine and make a contribution. So we have decided to donate 10% of every order for the refugee aid of Be an Angel eV. (That means if you buy a Ménage à Trios €3,50 will go to Be an Angel eV).

Be an Angel eV. provides immediate direct aid to those in need. Since 2015, the angels themselves have been helping refugees in a very pragmatic way. They are acutely aware of how it is out there, where the issues are and what  where support can be the most beneficial. From experience. not from hearsay.

When our friend, journalist, activist, refugee aid worker and recipient of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, Andreas Tölke founded Be an Angel eV., we were close by from the beginning and could see for ourselves that he and his team would become an impactful aid organization. Last week, Andreas and his team set up 11 buses including supplies such as diapers, medicine and hygiene items with the help of the Regine Sixt Foundation and Autobus Unternehmen der Oberbayern Gruppe. Yesterday, these buses picked up hundreds of Ukrainian women and their children at the Moldovan border and are now on their way to Germany. But we need many more measures like this. We know that every Euro we donate to Be an Angel eV. is in the best hands. You can help the war refugees by continuing to order the toothpaste you love.

Thank you for being a part of the Natch family 🙏🏽.

Heber & Norbert, Co-Founder of Natch