2023 - Happy customers, awards, the TV appearance, events & inspiration!

The new year is just around the corner and behind us lies a fascinating, fast-paced, and successful year.

"The best things in life are on the other side of fear."

This quote is an inspiration and motivation for us to do the things we respect or even fear. When we do them, a new strength arises. So be courageous! True to the motto: Doing good with courage and passion while having fun, we look forward to taking you on the journey of our wonderful milestones in 2023.


2023, a healthy growth year, thanks to you, our great community of rethinkers and changemakers who want to make a difference, love the naturalness of Natch, and want to live a sustainable and healthy life. A big THANK YOU for that! Natch is more than just toothpaste, it is our contribution to a better life. Our 320% year-on-year growth underlines the fact that our customers, dental experts, and partners love our tabs, buy them again and again, and, above all, recommend them to others with great enthusiasm. We are grateful to work with our wonderful Natch team - thank you all for your tireless energy and passion.

Award winners!

2023, the year of awards. After extensive research, our Natch Tabs received the PETA Vegan Award Beauty 2023. We were also able to convince the expert jury of Dental experts to award us the prestigious GREEN DENTAL AWARD 2023 as the best start-up. The award ceremony took place at the FACHDENTAL MESSE in Stuttgart.

Enthusiastic lions! 

We amazed the lions: as a participant in the VOX TV format „Die Höhle der Löwen“ (The Lion's Den), Natch impressed the critical big cats and enticed them to brush their teeth. Quotes such as "The product was good, great smell, great taste", "Very nice pitch" and "You got the feedback that the product convinced us all. (Dagmar Wöhrl) and "Such an explosion and lots of foam in the mouth" (Tillmann Schulz). Janna Ensthaler's extensive comment "What we all underestimate is that we have an enamel issue due to microplastics. If you solve this, you are almost entering the medical field. Then you also have the opportunity to charge higher prices. And an amazing opportunity to convince people/parents."The fluoride issue is one of the biggest issues in dentistry, especially with children there are two different camps, those who use fluoride and those who don't want to use it... You really solve that with the toothpaste with this micro substance (hydroxyapatite)? "Yes. And clinically tested. "So you have the perfect solution... that's Big." 

Even though there was no deal, because our valuation was too high, we could convince the nationwide audience, which was demonstrated by the 6-digit turnover around the broadcast. To date, the impact of the show has significantly boosted our business at all levels.


Brushing teeth live - the event spectacle!

We were part of the OMR Online Marketing Rockstars - and scored at the renowned Greentech Festival in Berlin. More than 2000 participants brushed their teeth at our stand.

Natch was also present at various trade fairs, such as FACHDENTAL Messe Stuttgart and  IDS Messe KÖLN, the world's largest dental trade fair. As a partner of the minilu-Dentalshop, we were able to present ourselves to a global Dental audience together. That was pure inspiration!

As speakers, we also brought our message to the people in an inspiring way. For example, at the “BAM - Bock auf Morgen Festival” or the Fach Dental Messe.

Who else is talking about Natch?

A large number of magazines, daily newspapers, and online portals reported on Natch in 2023. For example, GQ, InStyle, Gala, Wunderweib, Utopia, Münchner Merkur, and Brigitte - to name just a few. And what's next?

Natch goes Italy!

From South Tyrol to Sicily, you can find our tabs in Italian pharmacies nationwide since November 2023. Many pharmacy partners sold out in the first few weeks. We would like to thank our distribution partner for their passion and daily drive to make Natch a big brand in Italy.

Natch Remise: Our new home!

Since May 23,  we have been living in a beautiful old coach house in the heart of Berlin Mitte. Here we can develop, grow, and make new plans day by day. You are all cordially invited to visit us in our office & showroom. 

Change the world one tab at a time...

We wish you all a healthy and magical holidays, a peaceful New Year, and say THANK YOU again!
Looking forward to 2024 together we can change the world with courage and heart!

Your Norbert and Heber