And another award! Natch wins the GREEN DENTAL AWARD 2023

At this year's Fach Dental trade fair in Stuttgart, the coveted GREEN DENTAL AWARD was presented on the 13th of October 2023 - and we won the category "Best Startup"! We are overjoyed that we were able to tell the jury how sustainable our product is.

With this award, the initiative "DIE GRÜNE PRAXIS" honors sustainable brands, services and logistics solutions. 

"It was not at all easy to filter out the winners out of the many creative applications," says Dr Manina Knobloch. As a practicing dentist and member of the jury, she realized several times during the final jury session - "I have been waiting for exactly this product for a long time".

The expert jury 

We set out to revolutionize dental cleaning, and we clearly succeeded in doing so in expert circles: During two sessions lasting several hours, the jury had responsibly examined and evaluated the entries submitted for the GREEN DENTAL AWARD 2023 and selected the winners. 

The jury consisted of: Peter Friess (Focus Zukunft), Dr. Manina Knobloch (speaker & practice owner with the DIE GRÜNE PRAXIS seal), Lars Kroupa (initiator of DIE GRÜNE PRAXIS & owner of WHITE & WHITE), Birgit Schlee (dental hygienist & ambassador of the initiative DIE GRÜNE PRAXIS), dentist Dr. Ralf Seltmann (TePe) and Markus Queitsch (Quintessenz Verlag & founding partner of the initiative DIE GRÜNE PRAXIS). Ralf Seltmann (TePe) and Markus Queitsch (Quintessenz Verlag & founding partner of the initiative DIE GRÜNE PRAXIS). 

"The GREEN DENTAL AWARD is intended to recognise, inspire, stimulate discussion and create an increased ecological awareness in the dental market," emphasized Lars Kroupa, initiator of the initiative DIE GRÜNE PRAXIS.


Natch is a perfect fit - healthy and sustainable

Natch is simply incomparably healthy, sustainable and delicious: instead of synthetic foaming agents, sweeteners, colorants and fluoride, you will find a unique, vegan composition of natural ingredients such as calcium hydroxyapatite, foaming soap bark, diatomaceous earth, oak bark, clove, organic essential oils, Himalayan salt and many more ingredients from Mother Nature. And of course, our packaging is also sustainable: we only use environmentally friendly, reusable, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

We are very happy to continue on the path of sustainability and healthy oral hygiene with you!

Feel free to write us about your experiences - we look forward to hearing from you

Your Norbert and Heber