We sold out in 60 minutes!

Our "Höhle der Löwen" appearance got an amazing response and result!

Wow, that was exciting! On Monday,  September 11th, we appeared on the well-known Vox format "Höhle der Löwen", and we were totally overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the investor panel. What an exciting evening!

Looking back on what we have done - The preparation and set-up in the studio, the interviews around it, rehearsals, and then finally our appearance: We had over 20 minutes to present our toothpaste tabs. 

The panel of investors that tried our products on air - Tillman Schulz, Janna Ensthaler, Dagmar Wöhrl, Nils Glagau and Ralf Dümmel were thrilled from the start: "Smells good, tastes good, foams well, feels healthy and looks great! - an explosion of taste and freshness in the mouth!” That's the short version of their great feedback.

Exciting discussion about hydroxyapatite:

It was especially great that there were many detailed questions and discussions between us and the panel, with positive feedback throughout. We were also very pleased about the exchange with Janna Ensthaler on the subject of fluoride. She said that the topic of fluoride is one of the biggest issues in dentistry, and especially with children using it. There are two different choices  - those who choose to buy toothpaste with fluoride, and people that seek alternatives. 

Did you know that Natch doesn't contain fluoride but instead contains hydroxyapatite? Our NASA-proven hydroxyapatite ingredient is much more expensive than regular fluoride, but is completely safe for your body and provides a natural substitute for fluoride. The panel found this fact to be very impressive indeed. 

Jenna Ensthaler additionally noted that the issue of microplastics in toothpaste naturally affects our tooth enamel, which many underestimate. Our Natch toothpaste tab ingredients, in her opinion, are almost medical grade, plus it's all microplastic-free. This, she says, is a game changing opportunity to convince people, especially parents, to purchase Natch. This health aspect, which she also finds extremely important as a mother, justifies the price. 

The wow effect

Another important aspect during our presentation was the exchange with the panel on the value we offer. Each bottle replaces about 1.5 to 2 conventional plastic toothpaste tubes. Not only does that mean less plastic waste for our environment, but it's also an economic benefit for you as a customer!

The investor panel thought this made Natch a perfect replacement for conventional toothpaste in the dental health market. Wow! 

This makes us so proud and encourages us as we continue to grow with you all.

We offer you a toothpaste alternative that is based on purely natural ingredients and fulfills all the known advantages and effects of a toothpaste. Natch remineralizes the teeth, produces foam, is gentle to the teeth and leaves a long-lasting smooth feeling, comparable to the feeling after a professional teeth cleaning. 

We are proud to offer you not only a high quality and healthy product, but also an eco-friendly, healthy and vegan choice for your oral hygiene.

Thank you for being our customer, and of course, apart of the Natch family  - we are overwhelmed.

Together we will revolutionise dental industry!


Norbert and Heber