Good for your team & your customers. Good for your health. Good for the environment.


Christmas presents for sustainable heroes.

Do you care about your team and your loyal customers? Then we have a unique Christmas present for you. Unexpectedly delicious, healthy and sustainable - that's Natch, the award-winning toothpaste tabs. Known from German TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen" , Natch will put a smile on your favourite people's faces day in, day out.

Smile High Gift Set

This dental care set is smart, cool, healthy, plastic-free and perfect for any travelling lifestyle. The Smile High Set is the sustainable gift for families, friends, colleagues, nomads and world travellers.

Each refillable bottle comes with 6 toothpaste tabs + one premium bamboo toothbrush "Stand Alone"

Individual offer from 20 pieces (unit price €14.90 incl. VAT) / individual logo stickers can be ordered from 500 pieces.

the foursome gist set

Treat yourself and take all four bottles to mix and match the flavours to your liking. Each toothpaste formula comes in a stylish, reusable glass bottle containing 85 tabs each (340 in total).

Individual offer from 20 pieces (unit price €49.00 incl. VAT)

Each box contains these four formulas:
  • Screaming Polar Bear: Super fresh breath
  • So Black, So White: For bright teeth.
  • Dr. Shaman: Health for the teeth, calms the gums.
  • Wake-up Call: Energising and combats bad breath.

Beschreib kurz wie wir deine Weihnachstgeschenke upgraden können.



and a real alternative to conventional Toothpaste. No unnecessary Sodium fluoride. Instead it has hydroxyapatite - basic substance of tooth enamel provided by nature." - Dr. Peter Graf, Dentist, certified implantologist and Hypnosis dentist


It's such a nice cleaning sensation. The tab dissolved immediately. Natch is smooth & foamy. Afterwards my mouth felt relaxed, and not dry at all."  - Birgit Schlee, Prophylaxis Expert


love letters from our customers


I love how easy the tabs are to use, no mess, no stress! Using Dr. Shaman makes me feel like no matter what happens, I have started the day with a healthy decision. 

Berlin, Germany

"Sparkling clean teeth, fresh feeling and no plastic. I have bought all three types of toothpaste tabs. With all of them, my teeth are sparkling clean and feel like they have just been cleaned. I think it's a great idea that it's now possible to brush your teeth plastic-free."

Lappersdorf, Germany

"A very nice and new way to brush your teeth. The flavour is great and the special feature of the Tab makes you feel like you're brushing for longer than normal. It makes you feel more like brushing your teeth, so it's a "must do" that's also fun."

Berlin, Germany

"My absolute best recommendation! these Tabs are super easy and practical to use, taste absolutely delicious and clean your teeth for a really long time!"

Barnstedt, Germany

"Great consistency, great flavour, good foaming, but above all very good ingredients and no fluoride."

Berlin, Germany
„Natch Labs zeigt mit Natural Toothpaste Tabs vorbildlich,

dass tierische Inhaltsstoffe und Tierversuche der Vergangenheit angehören. Vegane und moderne Produktkreationen sind gut für Tiere, Menschen und die Umwelt. Wir hoffen, dass viele weitere Unternehmen der Beauty-Branche diesem Beispiel folgen werden und gratulieren herzlich zum Gewinn des PETA VEGAN AWARD 2023 in der Kategorie „Beste vegane Zahnpasta“, Harald Ullmann, Mitgründer und 2. Vorsitzender von PETA Deutschland.