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How do I brush my teeth with Natch?

This is very simple, place a Natch Tab in your mouth and chew (best chewed with the front teeth), until you have no more crumbs left. The tab will melt and together with your saliva it becomes a toothpaste. Then, brush you always do. It is best to brush without water and with a dry toothbrush, so you do not dilute the high-quality natural ingredients. Spit it out after brushing. Rinsing is not necessary. Why? because the longer hydroxyapatite makes contact with your teeth, the better it helps to protect them. Theoretically, you can also swallow the tabs without hesitation, because of top quality ingredients and pure nature elements. Have fun 💚 and enjoy your new Natch routine.

I have strange strings that look like mold on my natch tabs. what does that mean?

Don't worry this is not mold! If the tabs experience strong temperature fluctuations, for example overnight with shipment, or cold at night and hot during the day, then it can happen that the menthol in the tabs crystallizes. This leads to these small threads that may appear as mold. This is a completely natural process and safe to consume. If you then shake the tabs a bit, at a normal room temperature, the threads disappear almost like magic.

I have spots on my tabs. what does that mean?

In high humidity, the tabs may develop small dark spots. The humidity is absorbed by the xylitol and clay in the tabs and creates the spots. This happens when the tabs are exposed to big temperature changes, such as in your bathroom and/or when the bottle is left open for long periods of time. Normally this problem is counteracted with synthetic chimicals, but since we refuse to use them, this is a harmless side effect and in no way affects the quality of your Natch Tabs.

So in short, the tabs are safe. Continue to enjoy Natch

Can I use my Natch Tabs with my electric toothbrush?

You can use Natch Tabs with all electric or manual brushes. Just remember to bite the tabs well with your front teeth and then you're ready to go. Have fun!